Grass-fed Bark and Nail Salad






  1. Grass-fed Bark and Nail Salad
  2. Ingredients:
  3. – 1 cup of fresh, organic grass
  4. – ½ cup of toasted bark
  5. – A handful of freshly clipped nails
  6. Instructions:
  7. 1. Rinse the fresh grass with cold water and pat dry.
  8. 2. Toast the bark in a hot skillet until it is crispy and browned.
  9. 3. Clip a handful of nails, making sure to remove any dirt or debris.
  10. 4. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and toss gently.
  11. 5. Serve chilled with your favorite dressing.
  12. Joke name: The Lumberjack’s Nightmare Salad