April 30th
Gratuities & Tax Included
Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Tasting
Dinner @6pm

Chef Daryl Pope and his team masterfully recreate chocolate, as we know it. Join us for a night of amazing chocolate creations that surprise and please… not just the sweet tooths among us! Explore the many possibilities of chocolates!

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Chocolate & Dried Fruit Sourdough
Olive Tapenade

Foie Gras Torchon Port Cherries, Brioche

Smoked Pork Taco Mole Sauce, Mango Slaw

Chocolate Tortellini Hazelnut Butter, Chestnut, Pecorino

Roasted Halibut Ruby Beurre Blanc, Torched Grapefruit, Boy Choy

Chocolate pot de Creme Chantilly, Maltesers

Bernard Callebaut Truffles