The Fine Dining Victoria Scene Gets Better with Artisan!

Artisan is relatively the new kid in the fine dining Victoria scene but it is already ranked as one of the best restaurants in Victoria. We offer an upscale gourmet local dining experience.

Dine in and savor French gourmet meals that uplift your senses and satisfy. Our food is French yet multi-cuisine inspired. This unique quality has put us on level with the top 10 fine dining restaurants in the region. In fact, fine dining Victoria may as well be synonymous with Artisan Bistro.

You’d love our Bistro Burger, which is beef patty on a fresh brioche bun with candied bacon, gouda, bacon jam aioli, arugula, tomato and caramelized onion. If this elegant version of the humble burger does not make you salivate, how about a sumptuous meal of Pan Seared Duck Breast, with duck jus, brown butter yam puree, soft truffle polenta and wild mushrooms? Delicious!

Enjoy Artisan’s extra fine gourmet cuisine, food and wine (award-winning selection) that make Victoria holidays extra special. If you’re a local, then you definitely need to book a dining table. Try out Chef Daryl’s delectable gourmet creations. Fine dining Victoria is never going to be the same with Chef Daryl in the kitchen/dining scene!