Victoria Restaurants: The Best Dining in Canada — Let’s Eat!

Artisan Bistro is one of the most loved Victoria restaurants, giving guests and foodies so much joy and good food. A visit at one of the best restaurants in Victoria is truly something to remember.


At Artisan Bistro, you get to enjoy a local dining experience that’s unlike that of the other Victoria BC restaurants. We are known as one of the top 10 fine dining restaurants here. Even so, our vibe is comfortable – you can even say, casual. There’s no uptight decorum you need to follow. Our wait staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and never snooty. At our best of the best Victoria restaurants, you can relax and focus on what’s really important – great food!


We offer you the best in local dining. Try our Pesto Gnocchi and we’re sure you’ll love our take on fine Italian dining. Or, why not keep it simple and healthy with our Beet and Pork Salad. Beet and pork make a superb combination you didn’t know you needed in your life! Enjoy our Steak Frite, which is deceptively simple but, we guarantee, it is a pleasurable treat you won’t find in other Victoria restaurants.


There are a handful of best Victoria restaurants out there. But, definitely, Artisan Bistro is a must-try. Come visit us soon and find out for yourself!


Casual Dining: Fast Dining in One of the Best Restaurants in Victoria

Casual dining at Artisan Bistro promises to be one of the best casual dining experiences you can have! At Artisan Bistro, our fine dining chefs take on casual dining to give you meals you’d absolutely love.


Artisan Bistro is known for fine dining, yes. And while we love and embrace this, the feel of the bistro is actually more relaxed, more casual than we’re known for. That’s why, if you prefer going casual as you enjoy a delicious lunch/dinner/breakfast – oh, let’s not forget brunch, drinks and desserts! – head on over to our restaurant and we’ll make sure your full, satisfied and happy!


Casual dining is done best at Artisan Bistro. You’d love our coconut curry prawns, beet and por salad, Moroccan spiced calamari and more. If you want something more homey and familiar, how about our buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, Bistro burger or seafood carbonara?


Check out our menu above. We promise you: eating at Artisan Bistro is an experience you’d love. You’d definitely come back for more!

The Fine Dining Victoria Scene Gets Better with Artisan!

Artisan is relatively the new kid in the fine dining Victoria scene but it is already ranked as one of the best restaurants in Victoria. We offer an upscale gourmet local dining experience.

Dine in and savor French gourmet meals that uplift your senses and satisfy. Our food is French yet multi-cuisine inspired. This unique quality has put us on level with the top 10 fine dining restaurants in the region. In fact, fine dining Victoria may as well be synonymous with Artisan Bistro.

You’d love our Bistro Burger, which is beef patty on a fresh brioche bun with candied bacon, gouda, bacon jam aioli, arugula, tomato and caramelized onion. If this elegant version of the humble burger does not make you salivate, how about a sumptuous meal of Pan Seared Duck Breast, with duck jus, brown butter yam puree, soft truffle polenta and wild mushrooms? Delicious!

Enjoy Artisan’s extra fine gourmet cuisine, food and wine (award-winning selection) that make Victoria holidays extra special. If you’re a local, then you definitely need to book a dining table. Try out Chef Daryl’s delectable gourmet creations. Fine dining Victoria is never going to be the same with Chef Daryl in the kitchen/dining scene!

Lunch Victoria BC: The Best Food in Victoria is at Artisan Bistro. Discover Why It Is One of the Best Victoria Lunch Spots

Stop in to see us at Artisan Bistro for lunch Victoria BC and enjoy our signature French-inspired dishes. There’s a lot to love about our lunch menu. At one of the best Victoria lunch spots, you get impressive lunches, including fresh salad options you won’t find in other local Victoria area restaurants.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll be satisfied in one of best Victoria lunch spots in the most delicious way. See Artisan’s full lunch menu and check out our website for more about our Victoria bistro.

Where to Lunch When in Victoria BC?

Locals flock to Artisan Bistro for our freshly-prepared lunches, made from the highest quality ingredients. Start your meal with one of our shared plates, like Truffle Frites or Coconut Curry Prawns. Whet your appetite with a local draught or a glass of wine.

Get ready for the next course when your show-stopping Bistro Burger or Halibut Battered Fish & Chips arrives at your table. Friends and family alike love our adult and kid-friendly lunch menus!

Artisan Bistro is more than just a place to grab a quick bite – our relaxed dining atmosphere at breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner is always enjoyable.

Is There a Restaurant in Victoria BC Where Kids are Welcome?

While there are many Victoria lunch spots that serve kid-friendly options, not all of them can offer younger guests the enjoyable experience they’ll have at Artisan Bistro. Treat your kids to our delicious Berry Crepes, a traditional Bistro breakfast, something from our salad or pasta menu, or their choice of Kids Cheese Burger or Grilled Cheese Sandwich. We make it affordable for your entire family to come out for the best lunch Victoria BC.

Adults Love Artisan Bistro, Too!

From our taste-tempting Maple Almond Chicken Pasta to our chef’s own Whiskey Bacon Grilled Cheese, there’s something for everyone to indulge in when you eat your Victoria lunch here.

Try a cup of the Chef’s Soup Du Jour while waiting for your meal to arrive, or sip on one of our award-winning wines, like Wolfberger Cermant D’Alsace.

Let your server know what you have in mind and we’ll see that your group has a most enjoyable time at one of the best Victoria lunch spots. At Artisan Bistro, you’re more than guests- you’re family.

Best Breakfast Victoria: Try Amazing Breakfast Food In One of the Best Spots for Breakfast in Victoria

Looking for the best breakfast Victoria? Stop in at Artisan Bistro for the best breakfast in Victoria BC!

Artisan Bistro offers a great breakfast experience for guests dining with us. Check out our entire breakfast menu online or ask to see one when you sit down at your table. Your server can offer best-loved breakfast recommendations to suit your taste buds. Breakfast at Artisan Bistro is simply not to be missed.

Breakfast at One of the Best Restaurants in Victoria BC

Breakfast at Artisan Bistro starts at 8:00 a.m. and is served until 2 in the afternoon. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer getting started later in the morning, you’ll find our doors open and our chefs preparing what many locals call the best breakfast in Victoria, BC.

What Type of Breakfast is Best?

There are no hard-and-fast rules that make one type of breakfast better than another. Some of our patrons at Artisan bistro prefer a sampling from our popular fruit selection, paired with yogurt or toast, while others enjoy a hearty breakfast with all the extras. Our breakfast menu features:

  • Classic and unique omelettes
  • Multiple Eggs Benedict options
  • Our own Bistro Crepes
  • And guests favorites
  • And guests favorites

May we recommend one of the following?

  • Duck Confit Hash, made with wild mushrooms, poached eggs, truffle Hollandaise, caramelized onions, and wilted arugula
  • Mixed Berry French Toast, including berry compote Chantilly Cream, and citrus custard
  • A traditional breakfast, with 2 eggs, your choice of Candied bacon, pork belly, maple sausage, or avocado, Artisan hash browns, and toast, French toast, or crepe
  • The Bird- the most beloved omelette in Victoria, stuffed with chicken breast, candied onion, herbs, spinach, goat cheese, and mozzarella
  • Seafood crepes, featuring prawns, salmon, spinach, and Chardonnay cream
  • Blackstone Eggs Benedict, with Artisan maple candied bacon, Hollandaise, and beefsteak tomatoes; order half or full.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast, with fresh strawberries taking center stage and accompanied by graham cracker crumbles
  • Braised Pork Belly Hash made with apple cider Hollandaise, spinach, spiced Gala apples, and two poached eggs

The Best Breakfast in Victoria, BC

Why not take your family someplace new for breakfast and see what all of Victoria is talking about? Everyone will love Artisan Bistro for breakfast, but don’t forget to come back another time to enjoy our lunch and dinner menu, as well. Our desserts and award-winning wines have also been known to bring in crowds from around the community. If you savor the taste of traditional Crepes Suzette, you’ll want to try our Artisan rendition made with vanilla orange syrup and mounds of Chantilly Cream, Mandarin oranges, and icing sugar. Oo la la!

Lunch Restaurants Victoria Bc

Taste and discover why Artisan Bistro is considered one of the best lunch restaurants in Victoria, BC. Our French-inspired menu is hand-prepared by our chefs using locally-sourced, organic, and free-range ingredients as often as possible. If you’re in the mood for something truly special, stop in to see us for lunch from 11 a,m, – 5 p,m, and we’ll treat you to something out of the ordinary. Don’t forget to order from our Happy Hour menu while visiting our establishment for lunch- prices start at 2 and last until 5.

Are All Lunch Restaurants About the Same?

If you and your family are used to fast-food at lunchtime, you’ll experience a better quality of food at Artisan Bistro. Leave the greasy burgers & fries in the drive-thru and enjoy a sit-down meal from our fantastic lunch menu that includes hot appetizers, shared plates, fresh salads, hot sandwiches, entrees, pasta dishes, and one of the best kids menus in all of Victoria. Quality ingredients and a wholesome atmosphere make a big difference in your dining experience; Artisan Bistro is designed for your comfort and enjoyment.

Should I Make Time For Lunch?

Much of today’s working-class eat a hearty breakfast and tough it out until dinner time; you need a mid-day meal, as well, to keep your body going all day long. The old adage that you are what you eat is entirely true; instead of filling up on a donut & coffee or a low budget meal deal, make it a priority to treat yourself at least once a week to a delicious lunch at Artisan Bistro made from 100% meats, freshly-caught seafood, fresh vegetables, and all the best accompaniments- prepared skillfully by our chefs. You’ll walk out feeling on top of the world, ready to take on the rest of your day.

What’s On the Menu at Artisan Bistro?


  • Coconut Curry Prawns
  • Yam Fries
  • Tuna poke
  • Wild Mushroom Crepe


  • Romaine Heart Salad
  • Beet & Pork Salad
  • Bistro Salad


  • Whiskey Bacon Grilled Cheese
  • Butter chicken Sandwich
  • Sockeye Salmon Burger
  • Habanero Chicken Burger


  • Seafood Carbonara Pasta
  • Maple Almond Chicken Pasta
  • Chorizo & Prawn Pasta

Kids Menu

  • Kids Berry Crepe
  • Duck Strips & Chips
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Cheese Burger

And much, much more!

If you’ve run out of lunch restaurants in Victoria, BC, try something completely new and come out to Artisan Bistro with family or friends to check out our breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu. We highly recommend taking a look at our dessert and wine menus before leaving. Share a traditional Crepe Suzette with everyone at the table if you’re too full for an entire dessert. One thing we’re sure of, you’ll be back to see us again soon for another delicious meal served up hot & fresh from our French-inspired kitchen. Dine in, take your meal to go, or let us deliver to your location in Victoria. Our patrons love Artisan Bistro more than all other lunch restaurants in Victoria, BC.

Breakfast Victoria Bc

Breakfast in Victoria, BC starts at 8:00 a.m. at Artisan Bistro. Don’t spend another morning being satisfied with a drive-thru biscuit and egg; at Artisan Bistro, we have something for every taste at breakfast time. Start your day right with a hot cup of Bistro coffee and a traditional breakfast featuring eggs cooked perfectly, avocado, candied bacon, maple sausage, or smoked ham, sumptuous hash brown potatoes, and toast, French toast, or a crepe. Dining at Artisan Bistro is a special occasion, no matter what time you choose to join us.

Why is Breakfast Important?

ou’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but have you ever stopped to consider why it’s so essential to your day? Giving your body the right fuel is the best way to keep going strong, especially if you have a job to perform throughout the day. Whether that work includes desk work or fieldwork, you’ll find Artisan Bistro’s menu a delicious way to maintain clarity and energy all day. Stop in and try one of our fruit platters, Eggs Benedict plates, or sweet & tasty crepes- or ask your server for a recommendation if you can’t decide what to order.

Which Type of Breakfast is Better- Sweet or Savory?

At Artisan Bistro, we serve both sweet and savory meals to please every appetite. There’s no wrong way to fill up in the morning, provided you make choices that include healthy foods, like the ones prepared by our chefs. We start with real ingredients, like in-season fruits, fresh eggs, and protein, then add to your plate according to your mood.

Feel like something rich and decadent? Why not try our Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast, loaded with fresh strawberries and a hint of graham cracker crumbles? If you’re feeling hungry, order our Broadmead Breakfast with 3 eggs any way you want them, 2 strips of candied bacon, 1 maple sausage, 1 smoked ham, hash browns, and your preference for French toast, 1 crepe, or traditional toast.

Enjoy the Best breakfast in Victoria, BC

See the full Artisan Bistro menu online or request a menu when you sit down at the table. There’s a lot to choose from:

  • Artisan Favourites, like our Mixed Berry French Toast, Fruit Parfait, Duck Confit Hash, or Braised Pork Belly Hash
  • Omelettes- including classic, Mexican-style, and chef-recommended options made with goat cheese
  • Multiple Eggs Benedict plates, including Butter Chicken Benny and our own Bistro Benny with pork belly and avocado
  • Bistro Crepes, including traditional Crepes Suzette, Apple Cheesecake crepes, and delicate Seafood Crepes with prawns and salmon

Stop in Soon

Where do you want to take your family for breakfast in Victoria, BC? Take advice from locals and make Artisan Bistro your next stop for a hearty breakfast with all the extras. We also serve the best lunch and dinner in Victoria, with an award-winning wine list and rich desserts to complete your meal or as an accompaniment to your morning coffee.

Breakfast Near Me: Best Breakfast Places Victoria BC

Best breakfast near me? Join us in the morning at Artisan Bistro, one of the best breakfast places in Victoria, BC. Begin your day with a bottomless cup of Fernwood Co. coffee and something special from our morning menu. You’ll find a lot to choose from to satisfy your appetite and keep you going strong all morning long. Our breakfast menu features traditional and out-of-the-ordinary dishes designed to please every taste- even the kids. Before you head to work, stop in and take care of your craving for something sweet or savory.

Fast Food or a Sit Down Restaurant?

While there are times when a fast-food breakfast is all you have time for, there are other times when you might choose a drive-thru for the sake of convenience. Take a moment to consider what you’re giving up when you settle for a biscuit and egg. Artisan Bistro has something a bit more filling in mind when you make us your intended stop in the morning hours:

  • Sumptuous breakfasts with all the extras
  • Traditional plates
  • Lite fruit plates and yogurts
  • House favorites
  • Dessert-type breakfasts
  • Hearty meals
  • Omelettes served with sides
  • Eggs Benedict on Ciabatta buns
  • Multiple crepes options

Can I Skip Breakfast?

If you’re on a diet or are trying to lose weight, skipping breakfast won’t help you reach your goals. You need a healthy, nourishing meal at the start of every day to keep your mind clear and make sure your body has the fuel it needs to get you through to lunch. If you’re used to skipping your morning meal and are looking for a better option, we recommend something from our lite menu at Artisan Bistro. Our Fruit Parfait with citrus curd, yogurt, raspberry compote, and house granola is delicious and a healthy choice, as well. Omelettes are always a nutritious way to increase protein without adding a lot of calories to your daily intake.

You’re Among Friends at Artisan Bistro

Our restaurant is referred to by locals as one of the best breakfast places in Victoria, BC. Chat with friends, new and old, while you sip on the best local coffee in Victoria. If you’re not sure what to order, your server can offer multiple recommendations, depending on what you have your heart set on. Treat yourself to an extraordinary breakfast of fresh strawberries and graham cracker crumbles when you order the Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast, or sample the best of what our chef-inspired menu has to offer in our Broadmead Breakfast. There’s no wrong way to start out the day at Artisan Bistro.

Make it a Bistro Morning

Your whole family will thank you for stopping in to Artisan Bistro the next time you can’t decide where to go for breakfast. Even amid today’s busy lifestyle, you can relax for a while in our comfortable atmosphere and enjoy a conversation with your family before you all head in different directions. We’re sure to become one of your favorite breakfast places in Victoria, BC.