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Breakfast in Victoria, BC starts at 8:00 a.m. at Artisan Bistro. Don’t spend another morning being satisfied with a drive-thru biscuit and egg; at Artisan Bistro, we have something for every taste at breakfast time. Start your day right with a hot cup of Bistro coffee and a traditional breakfast featuring eggs cooked perfectly, avocado, candied bacon, maple sausage, or smoked ham, sumptuous hash brown potatoes, and toast, French toast, or a crepe. Dining at Artisan Bistro is a special occasion, no matter what time you choose to join us.

Why is Breakfast Important?

ou’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but have you ever stopped to consider why it’s so essential to your day? Giving your body the right fuel is the best way to keep going strong, especially if you have a job to perform throughout the day. Whether that work includes desk work or fieldwork, you’ll find Artisan Bistro’s menu a delicious way to maintain clarity and energy all day. Stop in and try one of our fruit platters, Eggs Benedict plates, or sweet & tasty crepes- or ask your server for a recommendation if you can’t decide what to order.

Which Type of Breakfast is Better- Sweet or Savory?

At Artisan Bistro, we serve both sweet and savory meals to please every appetite. There’s no wrong way to fill up in the morning, provided you make choices that include healthy foods, like the ones prepared by our chefs. We start with real ingredients, like in-season fruits, fresh eggs, and protein, then add to your plate according to your mood.

Feel like something rich and decadent? Why not try our Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast, loaded with fresh strawberries and a hint of graham cracker crumbles? If you’re feeling hungry, order our Broadmead Breakfast with 3 eggs any way you want them, 2 strips of candied bacon, 1 maple sausage, 1 smoked ham, hash browns, and your preference for French toast, 1 crepe, or traditional toast.

Enjoy the Best breakfast in Victoria, BC

See the full Artisan Bistro menu online or request a menu when you sit down at the table. There’s a lot to choose from:

  • Artisan Favourites, like our Mixed Berry French Toast, Fruit Parfait, Duck Confit Hash, or Braised Pork Belly Hash
  • Omelettes- including classic, Mexican-style, and chef-recommended options made with goat cheese
  • Multiple Eggs Benedict plates, including Butter Chicken Benny and our own Bistro Benny with pork belly and avocado
  • Bistro Crepes, including traditional Crepes Suzette, Apple Cheesecake crepes, and delicate Seafood Crepes with prawns and salmon

Stop in Soon

Where do you want to take your family for breakfast in Victoria, BC? Take advice from locals and make Artisan Bistro your next stop for a hearty breakfast with all the extras. We also serve the best lunch and dinner in Victoria, with an award-winning wine list and rich desserts to complete your meal or as an accompaniment to your morning coffee.

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