Enjoy The Most Sumptuous Breakfast Only at Artisan Bistro

There is no better beginning to a day than a sumptuous breakfast. Breakfast is in fact considered the most important meal of the day. That’s why we at Artisan Bistro bring to you a selection of the most delightful range of breakfast items. The wholesome food is sure to elevate your mood for the entire day, and this makes us one of the best breakfast places in Victoria BC.

Unmatched taste

Cooked by our expert chefs, each of the dishes on our breakfast menu have been carefully selected to give you a nutrition-packed start to your day while also ensuring that it delights your taste buds. Great variety We understand that food cravings change as mood does. But do not worry-be it tangy or sweet, a little spicy or savory, whatever may be your mood, there are dishes to cater to all your different demands on different days. In fact, the variety is also counted amongst the specialties of our menu. So, step in without much thought, as there is something on offer for everyone.

Our Ambiance

At Artisan Bistro, we understand that the taste of your meal depends much upon the ambiance. For this, special emphasis has been laid by our designers on our restaurant set up. We ensure that our guests don't just enjoy the food, but actually cherish the entire experience of the best breakfast in Victoria.

Ideal for social butterflies

Social media has become an extension of our guest’s personality. If you are among those who enjoy updating pictures of your meals, then the Artisan bistro is surely going to delight you! Right from the décor of our restaurant to the presentation of the dishes, Artisan Bistro adds an artistic touch to each of its elements. Perhaps this is why we are counted among the most instagramable locations in town.

Fruit platters

If you are a fruitarian, worry not! Perhaps there is no other place for breakfast in Victoria BC that offers such an eclectic variety in their fruit platters, then the Artisan Bistro. Our fruit salad with its combination of fresh fruits, garnished with honey and mint, is indeed a combination enjoyed by all. So, drop into the Artisan bistro and enjoy the best breakfast in and around Victoria BC today!